Nurse John - The Influencer with over 6 Million Followers

E-commerce photos, video and podcast covers

Nurse John first met Studio Kay two years ago, when the influencer was looking to promote its first merchandising collection. This line of clothing and accessories, created in collaboration with Canadian graphic designers, was enhanced by the studio's talent for e-commerce photography, providing a visual showcase for Nurse John's originality.

Building on its success and with a growing community, Nurse John has extended its reach by launching its own podcast, "I Beg Your Pardon", in 2023. A new opportunity for Studio Kay to showcase its expertise by capturing the essence of this project through a striking photo cover and video teaser.

The first season of the podcast was a success, with over a million downloads, leading to the renewal of the collaboration for season 2. This time, Studio Kay has risen to the challenge by capturing Nurse John's exhilarating personality, incorporating his signature elements such as coffee, an indispensable symbol of nurses' daily lives, and his infectious smile. A playful wink was added with coffee served in a martini glass, enhanced by an artistic splash.

Studio Kay is proud to contribute to this incredible human adventure, supported by the caring Nurse John community, which makes each project unique.

Commercial Photography

Nurse John 


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