The recent campaign for the Cégep Marie-Victorin Continuing Education features seven ambassadors from its various sectors. Through the creation of a series of videos and photos, the project brings to life a rich visual narrative thanks to authentic testimonials.
Studio Kay transformed its space into a living tableau with a custom-made decor. Cutouts in wooden panels, reflecting the icons of the new identity of the Cégep, created a striking visual frame. Tinted with the vibrant colors of Continuing Education, these elements provided a personalized backdrop for the interviews captured during a day of shooting.

The campaign aims to present in a sincere and playful way the positive impacts of the Continuing Education on the professional and personal development of individuals. This creative collaboration is the result of a history rich in successful projects, highlighting the continuous commitment of Studio Kay in artistic exploration in the service of learning.

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Cégep Marie-Victorin

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